Our goal is to make eating Sustainable, Healthy, and Delicious food easy. That's it. Oh yeah, and we want to make it happen for Everyone



Like any good business idea, we sat down and wrote it out - What did we want to accomplish? What were our dreams? And sure enough our 4 pillars emerged. We want to:

  • Help People Eat Healthy 
  • Use Sustainable (Like, Really Sustainable) Foods
  • Create Minimal or No Waste
  • Build Communities to Fight Hunger

Now that isn't too much to ask, is it? We didn't think so either. And so HoneyFlower was born.

Inspired by the mighty Sunflower symbolizing growth, and the Sun symbolizing vitality, we hope to build a brand that brings new life to how we eat. We look forward to serving you our meals and much much more. Welcome to our Family. 

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The First Meal

Even with our experience building and testing the best foods to eat, it took us a lot of tasting to create our first Super Salad. We just had really high standards. Could we eat this 100 years from now? Are these ingredients super great for your bod? Will they elevate your energy and carry you for the rest of the day? 

We found our way eventually and landed on a variety of high impact ingredients that met our requirements: Complex Grains, Seeds, Sprouts, Seaweeds, Ferments, Hearty Greens, and Smoked Fish, to name a few. Adding to the insanity, we were hell-bent on making our meals taste AWESOME - so vibrant flavor profiles run wild through these dishes and we know they'll keep giving and giving and giving. 

Our first meal embodies our ideals and is the perfect solution to all your lunch woes:  The Buckwheat Soba Salad w/ Smoked Mackerel