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A different food company... 

Like the beginning of any venture, we sat down and drew it all up. We thought hard on what we care about, where we see challenges in the food system, and what we wanted to spend every waking hour working on. We came up with the following 4 pillars that stand at the heart of everything we do:  

Help People Eat Healthy

Use Scalably Sustainable (Like, Really Sustainable) Foods

Create Minimal or Zero-Waste Recipes, Products and Practices

Build Communities to Fight Hunger

Now that shouldn't be too hard, should it? We didn't think so either – and so HoneyFlower was born. 

Inspired by the mighty sunflower symbolizing growth and vitality, we are building a brand that brings new life to how we eat. We look forward to serving you our meals and much much more. Welcome to our Family :)

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